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Connecting your Kangaroo to an external Monitor or TV


 See also: Kangaroo Mobile Desktop USER GUIDE


STEP-1: Attaching the Kangaroo Dock

Attach the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop computing module to the Kangaroo Dock as shown in the illustration below.


STEP-2: Connecting your HDMI Cable 

Attach an HDMI display cable, from your LCD monitor or television to the HDMI port on the Kangaroo Dock as shown.


 Note: HDMI cable not included.



STEP-3: Attaching power and peripherals to the Kangaroo Dock

Insert your USB keyboard/mouse controller into the USB port on the Kangaroo Dock, and attach the AC adapter.



STEP-4: Powering on the system for the first time.

Press the power button on the computing module.


Important Note:

To prepare the system for first-use, you must attach the AC Adapter and press the power button (for approximately 2 seconds).

  • Your computer's internal battery in placed in Ship Mode before it leaves the factory.
  • Ship Mode is designed to protect your battery during transit and extend its retail shelf-life.
  • Attaching AC power for the first time deactivates Ship Mode.


 Desktop Configuration Example

 Home Entertainment Configuration Example

  See also: Kangaroo Mobile Desktop USER GUIDE


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