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Loose fit between the AC power receptacle and DC plug on the Kangaroo Dock

Release Date January 19, 2016
Product(s) Affected Kangaroo Mobile Desktop
Device(s) Affected Power Adapter


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Problem Description 

A small percentage of users have reported difficulty attaching the Power Adapter to the Kangaroo Dock, and as a result have reported a variety of symptoms directly related to this condition:

  • Power plug retention
  • No Power or intermittent power
  • Unable to fully charge the battery

Root Cause

By design the Kangaroo Power Adapter leverages a 'snap-fit' feature which requires approximately 2 kgf (kilograms force) to complete the snap and fully attach the AC Adapter to the Kangaroo Dock.

The design-intent of the snap feature is to enhance retention between the adapter and DC plug, enabling the power adapter to bear the full weight of the Kangaroo Mobile PC and the Kangaroo Dock in the event it were to fall from an elevated surface, such as a desk or counter-top. 


Using a thumb or index finger, apply direct/axial force to the AC Adapter power plug during insertion until the plug is fully seated (i.e., flush) into the connector on the Kangaroo Dock. 


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