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Using the Fingerprint Reader to Login Windows 10


Setting up Windows Hello for the first time


STEP-1: Configuring Password & Pin

Click Start , then select Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to set up Windows Hello.


If you don't already have an account password or PIN, click Add under the respective dialog and follow the onscreen instructions.

STEP-2: Configuring Windows Hello

After configuring the account password and PIN, click Setup under the Windows Hello dialog: Start > Settings > Sign-in Options > Windows Hello > Setup > Get Started

Step-3: Fingerprint Registration

After clicking Get Started (above) you will be prompted to begin registering your fingerprints. Windows Hello Setup registers one fingerprint at a time, and will allow you to register at least 7 different angles/positions of the same print. 

Note-2: The Kangaroo Mobile Desktop uses an area-based sensor to read the impressions on your fingertips. To scan your fingerprint, place your finger (do not swipe) firmly onto the surface of the sensor, and the sensor will do the rest.

Note-1: Registering multiple angles for each print provides you with a better overall usability experience, as increasing the coverage provides a higher probability of successful recognition during normal daily use. 

Step-4: Register Additional Fingerprints

Registering multiple fingerprints makes using Windows Hello a little easier. Whether your system is sitting flat on your desk or your holding the product in your hand --registering additional prints allows you to use any registered fingerprint to login to your Windows PC. 


That's it! So, next time you restart your PC, simply use one of your registered prints to login. 





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