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Preparing Your Product for Service

  • With respect to customer data privacy, the Kangaroo Service Center operations is not authorized or equipped to access, backup or restore any of the personal content stored on the device.
  • Please backup your data before to returning your product to the Kangaroo Service Center for repair or replacement.
    Failure to do so will result in a permanent loss of all data.
STEP 1: Before you pack and ship your system:
  • Backup your data.
    • Remember, computing products of today often utilize solid-state memory (otherwise known as Solid-State-Drives or SSD) as a product's primary storage.
    • Unlike traditional rotational media [which is modular and easily disconnected from other components of the system during repair], SSD is often soldered directly onto the product's motherboard.
    • In cases such as this [when the SSD is soldered to the motherboard] a minor electronics repair which involves replacement of the motherboard translates to a permanent loss of the content you've stored on the product's SSD.
  • Remove any 3rd party SD media/memory cards, or other personal attachments.
  • Make sure to pack and return all items included in the original packaging:
    • Computation Devices (mobile PC, dock or port extender, cables, power adapter).
    • Note, it is not necessary to include documentation.
STEP 2: Pack and label your system
  • If you don't happen to have the original packaging, just make sure to ship your product in a cardboard packaging that provides, at a minimum, the same degree of protection as the original packaging.
  • Do not ship the product in an envelope (or Carrier Mail Packs). If you do ship it to us as such then you'll receive it back unopened, un-repaired and delivered C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery).
  • Use bubble wrap (unless shipped in original packaging).
  • Properly label your product.  Very Important, if we don't have your RMA Number, then we can't accept your shipment. So, please include your contact information/address and the RMA Number in the upper left corner.
  • If you're reusing the packaging, please make sure to remove or cover any old labels from previous use.
Step 3: Ship your system to the Kangaroo Service Center

Note: Kangaroo warranty services provided exclusively under the terms of Kangaroo/InFocus mail-in warranty service program.

  • Use a Traceable Carrier only (E.g., Fedex, UPS, Purolator, etc.) We highly discourage the use of the postal service.
  • Insure your package. We recommend that you insure your package; any damage incurred in shipping will not be covered under your One-Year Limited Hardware Warranty. If your product is damaged in shipping, you will need to contact your carrier to file a claim.
  • Get a tracking number and keep a copy of your Airbill/Waybill as proof of shipment.
  • Ship your product for warranty repair/replacement:
  • Kangaroo Service Center
    10305 Round Up Lane, Suite # 400
    Houston TX 77064

Mail-In Warranty Service

Under the terms of mail-in service, you will be required to ship your InFocus Hardware Product to an InFocus authorized service location for warranty repair. You must prepay any shipping charges, taxes, or duties associated with transportation of the InFocus Hardware Product to the service location. You are responsible for insuring any InFocus Hardware Product you ship, and you assume risk of loss during shipping. InFocus will return the repaired InFocus Hardware Product to you and [InFocus] shall incur all related logistics and insurance costs.

STEP 4: Review the Terms & Conditions of the Limited Hardware Warranty
  • I understand that my product must be properly packed to prevent unnecessary damage, otherwise, I will be responsible for all repair cost resulting from not following the above packing instructions.
  • I understand that I am responsible for backing up my data prior to shipment, and any personal data stored on my hard disk will not be recoverable.
  • I understand that InFocus is not responsible for loss of data or re-installation of customer installed software due to hard disk drive or motherboard replacement.
  • I understand that the data on my hard disk drive must be saved if possible because it may be necessary to replace or erase the hard disk drive and reload the original factory software at the depot.
  • I authorize the Repair Center to remove all passwords, erase my hard disk drive and reload all the original factory software.
  • I understand that once received, my product will be inspected for any damages beyond that which may be considered normal wear and tear. In the event my product appears to have damages that are not covered by warranty, my system will be returned un-repaired and I be ineligible for service unless I opt to pay for necessary repairs.
  • By shipping my product to the Kangaroo Service Center I agree to the above terms unconditionally.

Click here for a more detailed review of the Kangaroo Limited Hardware Warranty.

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