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What to do if my Kangaroo product is defective


The Kangaroo Mobile Desktop carries a standard One Year Limited Hardware Warranty, which warrants the product against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase.

If you have experienced a hardware failure with your product within the first year then we will repair or replace your product.

Warranty & Service Q&A
Q: I purchased my product from a retailer (online or in person) and believe my product is experiencing a hardware failure, what do I do?

If your product failed within the first 30 days then most retailers will offer you the option of a refund or a replacement. However, return policies between retailers often vary, so we recommend that you check the retailer's policy to determine eligibility.

  •  If you purchased your product at Newegg you can view Newegg's Return Policy here.

  •  If you purchased your product at the Microsoft Store you can view Microsoft's Return Policy here.


I don't have time to contact the retailer, can you help?


Absolutely. If your product experiences a hardware failure anytime within the first year of ownership we will repair or replace your product under warranty.  You don't even have to pick up the phone. Simply visit the Kangaroo Customer Support Portal and follow these simple instructions:

  • Submit an request on the Kangaroo Customer Support Portal and tell us what problem you're having. Who knows, we may even have a solution.

  • If we can't solve your problem, all you have to do is ship the product to the Kangaroo Repair Center and we will repair or replace your product and return it to you at our cost. 

If you believe your product to be defective or have an inquiry, visit the Kangaroo Customer Support Portal (, or call our Customer Support Hotline toll-free (855-976-1116).


How to Submit an Online Request
  1. Visit the Kangaroo Customer Support Portal:
  2. Click the Submit a Request  icon on the homepage.
  3. Select the type of request (Request a Repair or Replacement).
  4. Provide us with the following information:
    • Email address
    • Problem Description
    • Product/Model
    • Product Serial Number
    • Purchase Date
    • Customer contact and shipping information.
What you need to know when Submitting a Request

When submitting a request for warranty service your may be asked to:

  • Verify configurations, load most recent firmware, install software patches, run diagnostics and utilities.
  • Implement temporary procedures or workarounds provided while the Kangaroo support teams works on permanent solutions.
  • Use remote support solutions where applicable.
  • Cooperate with Kangaroo support personnel in attempting to resolve the problem using online chat, email, or telephone.
  • Ship your product to the Kangaroo Service Center

Upon submitting a request, a Kangaroo customer support representative will contact you by email. Once the agent has confirmed the hardware failure he/she will provide you with an RMA number, and send you detailed instructions on how to ship your product to the Kangaroo Repair Center. 

Shipping your Product to the Kangaroo Service Center

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop warranty services are support exclusively through the Kangaroo Mail-In Warranty Service.

Mail-In Warranty Service
Under the terms of mail-in service, you will be required to ship your InFocus Hardware Product to an InFocus authorized service location for warranty repair. You must prepay any shipping charges, taxes, or duties associated with transportation of the InFocus Hardware Product to the service location. You are responsible for insuring any InFocus Hardware Product you ship, and you assume risk of loss during shipping. InFocus will return the repaired InFocus Hardware Product to you and [InFocus] shall incur all related logistics and insurance costs.

For more details see Preparing Your Product for Service 

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