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Why is there a Windows Product Key embedded into the EFI Firmware of the Non-OS version of the product?

Release Date March 23, 2016
Product(s) Affected Kangaroo Mobile Desktop
Operating System N/A


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Q I purchased a system without a pre-installed operating system, but while inspecting the EFI firmware settings I noticed that it contains a Windows Digital Product Key.. Is this a valid key and can it be activated? 

To enable flexibility in the supply chain and accommodate Configure to Order operations, a Windows Digital Product Key is inserted into each product's EFI firmware during initial production, and registered at the end of the production line based on the product's final configuration. Although products sold in configurations absent of a pre-installed operating system do contain Digital Product Keys, such keys are not registered with Microsoft and are thus invalid.  

In the event users would like to install the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System onto a product sold without a factory pre-installed OS they may purchase downloadable content directly from the Microsoft Store. 


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